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Trusted Partners

At Private Finance Brokers, we have built strong relationships with our trusted partners to bring you the best quality services and products. If you advise you are a client of Private Finance Brokers, you will receive the following benefits from my trusted contacts below.

John Vidulin of Brisbane Buyers
Brisbane Buyer.jpg
Buyers Agent / Buyers Advocate
  • Offering free electronic valuations.

  • 50% off his full service fee.

Jason Cartledge of Slug a Bug
Pest Control
  • Offering one free pest control spray for new clients that have settled on a property

Steve O'Loughlin of Brisk Transport
  • Offering $50 off your move

Gerrie De Wet of Odyssey Specialist Group
Accountant / Financial Planner
  • Offering free first appointment

James Waygood of Asset Legal
Asset Legal Logo (003).png
Managing Director - Conveyancing
  • Offering free pre signing contracts reviews with any full service conveyancing.

Tony Pereira of Keypoint Law
Keypoint-Logo-(Black__Lime_Green) (002).jpg
Consulting Principal Lawyer
  • Free 20 min consultation

Long Tran of Long Tran Locksmiths
Long Tran Locksmith.png
  • The most affordable and accommodating locksmith in Brisbane!

  • If you EVER get locked out of your new home call Long, he won't be long! 

Shawn Forstpointner of ASBIR
General Manager
  • Complimentary council overlay report with a booked inspection.

David Taylor of Morgans
Retirement, Pre-Retirement and
SMSF Specialist
  • Free initial consultation 

  • 25% off initial advice fee

Sacha Millar of WBP Group (QLD)
WBP Group Property Valuers Square (002).png
General Manager
  • Independent valuations before you buy, sell, family law matters, SMSF, CGT & stamp duty purposes.

  • Complimentary initial consultation. 

Anita Fletcher of Standout Medical Careers
Managing Director
  • Expertise in medical career development.

  • 10% off, 3, 6, 12 month coaching programs

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